Salvador Health Holistic Therapy Clinic

Salvador Health & Recovery provides alternative, holistic therapy treatments to people who are suffering and wish to get their lives back.

Holisitc therapy is a form of treatment that considers a person’s body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Many traditional forms of physiotherapy focus on the area of pain, but holistic therapy focuses on the root cause of that pain, leading to a faster and more permanent recovery.

Our Vision

We aim to be the go-to, alternative therapy centre in the north west, delivering expert treatments for multiple conditions.

About Your Treatment

During your treatment you will receive a full consultation, giving the therapist a clear picture of the main problem needing treatment. In addition, we will assess whether there any other issues occurring as a result of the imbalance, since this might be the root cause of your pain.

Salvador H&R uses a diagnostic system, which locates the root causes of conditions and injuries. This enables the therapist to focus the session on clearing or relieving the real problem. In some cases the condition might quite severe and chronic, but by treating the root problem, we aim to ease symptoms so that pain is reduced, but will require future sessions.

Balancing muscular and skeletal systems, makes the treatment ideal for both prevention and recovery from sports injuries, back pain and other ailments. Balancing organs, digestive system and energy systems can really help make a difference with low energy, chronic fatigue, weight problems, IBS, Crohn’s, depression and many more.

A more balanced body and mind means that you should be able to deal with stressful situations and emotional issues such as work pressure or depression a lot easier. As well as increased energy levels, this combination of less stress and more balanced energy, should mean it is much easier to achieve and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

Our Benefits

  • Improved Health & Wellbeing

    Natural therapies to energise your body to aid recovery.

  • Less Prescribed Medication

    Using our therapies will help you reduce the amount of prescribed medication.

  • Appointments On Demand

    Easily book to see one of our specialists either at the clinic or at home.

  • Cost Effective

    Our cost effective therapies will get you on the road to recovery.

  • Book your initial consultation today!

    We will put you on a specialist program and start the journey back to a healthier life.